The lending library is a service of the Nova Scotia Choral Federation which is designed to supplement a choir's own library, not serve as a replacement. The following guidelines are in place for those using the lending library:

  1. All library materials are for the use of members only. (A current membership must be held.)
    a. Individual Members may borrow single copies.
    b. Member Choirs may borrow multiple copies - 5 selections and 1 collection per lending period.
  2. Music may be borrowed from September 1 to June 30 . The borrower must return all music on time.
  3.  Music must be returned directly to the NSCF library at the end of the borrowing period and may not be passed on from one borrower to another party. When returning music, be sure to indicate the name of the choir that borrowed it.
  4. The borrowing period may be extended if:
    a. Requested at the time of the loan.
    b. Requested prior to the original expiry date.
    c. Music has not been requested by another member choir.
  5. All music must be returned to the library by June 30 of each year. During July and August all music is reserved for the use at Summer Programs and library inventory.
  6. When borrowing music, the borrower agrees to:
    a. Contact the office in advance by phone, fax, email or letter. If the material is not to be shipped, the borrower is responsible for arranging for pick-up of the music. Music can be reserved for the two main borrowing periods,  beginning September 1 and January 1, but it must be collected within two weeks.
    b. Pay all transportation expenses for borrowed music.
    c. Pay promptly any bill sent for missing music. Charge for sheet music is $3.50 per copy, or the current market price, whichever is greater + $15.00 administrative fee. Replacement cost for collections and extended works is the current market price + $5.00 administrative fees for each copy. Most music publishers require a minimum number of copies be ordered(we cannot order single copies, often the minimum is 6-10 copies.)
  7. Please count the music you receive immediately. Borrowers will be held responsible for the number of copies listed on the Library Loan Form unless they notify the office of discrepancies within three days of receiving the music.
  8.  While the library waits for an account to be settled for missing or overdue music, no further loans will be made. Accounts exceeding 30 days, or choirs that lose substantial quantities (3 or more pieces) of music may have borrowing privileges suspended for the remainder of the membership year. Music subsequently found should be returned to the library for credit, or reinstatement of privileges.
  9. All markings are to be made in pencil only and should be erased. Music with ink marking or highlighter will be considered as damaged music and the borrower will be charged for its replacement. Please do not punch holes in music.
  10.  Borrowers are reminded that photocopying of music is illegal! Photocopied music in the NSCF Library was copied with permission. When in doubt, don't copy.