Choirs for Change: Season Updates!

As you may be aware, Choirs for Change association is comprised of three choral ensembles at different levels of intensity: Spíra, Polaris, and Eastern Horizon. Spíra is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and manageable commitment, and usually performs three to four times a season; Polaris is characterized by mid to high level choral repertoire, and performs five to six times a season; Eastern Horizon performs high-quality music created by composers who have historically been underrepresented in the choral canon, and performs three to four times a season.

We are thrilled to announce that Ryan Henwood will be stepping into the role of director for Polaris, a choir that he has been a member of since its inception. Jack Bennet, Choirs for Change co-founder and former director of Polaris, will continue to aid the Choirs for Change board with its projects, and will continue to be co-director of Eastern Horizon.

With this change to Polaris’s leadership will come a change to the structure of the choir itself. Polaris will be increasing in size, will be open to singers of all musical abilities, and, like Spíra has done in the past, will be holding an open rehearsal in September. (More details on that to come!) While Spíra will not be having rehearsals throughout the fall and winter, it will re-emerge as a summer choir in 2020, allowing us to extend the Choirs for Change season throughout the entire year. You can also expect to see more performances by Eastern Horizon this season.

As Choirs for Change is a relatively new organization, having only been founded in 2017, we are excited to bring you along as we continue to re-evaluate and adjust our structural needs, so that we can best support social justice initiatives in our local community and beyond.

This is an exciting evolution for the organization as we head into our third season! Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page and website as we will be announcing more details about Polaris’s rehearsal schedule and how to join the ensemble later this month.