Job Posting – Sing Summer Camp Nurse

Sing Summer Camp Nurse
Dates: Sunday, August 14th – Saturday, August 20th, 2022
Location: Berwick United Church Campgrounds

As Camp Nurse, you will primarily work alongside the Junior Choir Camp staff to
support campers with their medical needs. Duties include administering and
documenting medication, assessing and treating minor injuries, and working with
counsellor and kitchen staff to manage camper allergies and intolerances. In addition,
the camp nurse will take inventory of and organize medical supplies, medications, and
patient information. As this is a residential camp, the camp nurse may also provide
support to campers who are struggling with homesickness. As our Youth Choir Campers
are expected to administer their own medications, the camp nurse will only assist them
on a per-need basis. Accommodations will be provided to the selected candidate on the
Berwick United Church Campgrounds.

Key responsibilities:
• Administering and documenting medications to campers
• Administering basic first aid on minor injuries
• Supporting campers as they navigate homesickness
• Working with counselor and kitchen staff to ensure camper

Compensation for this role will be $500. Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan amounts will be deducted.

• Must be a licensed nurse (both LPNs and RNs are eligible)

To apply, contact: