Nagamo – musica intima and Andrew Balfour – Workshops and Concert May 10-13, 2024

We are thrilled to share that musica intima and Andrew Balfour will be in Halifax May 10-13, 2024 to deliver workshops to both adult and youth choirs and will perform on Sunday, May 12.


Friday, May 10 – 6:30pm (2.5 hour workshop) Adult singers (register as a group or come as an individual), St Andrew’s United Church, Halifax

Saturday, May 11 – Youth Workshop. 9am to 5pm. St Andrew’s United Church.

Sunday, May 12 – 7:30pm, Musica Intima Concert, St Andrew’s United Church. $45 for adults, $25 for students. Tickets on sale soon!

Monday, May 13 – 6:30pm (2.5 hour workshop) Adult singers (register as a group or come as an individual), St Andrew’s United Church

The fee for workshops is $15 per singer. Those who attend the workshop and wish to also attend the concert will receive a discount on their ticket for the concert.

To Register for the Monday and Friday workshops, click HERE

To learn more about how your group can participate in the workshops, contact Anne at

“NAGAMO (Sings) reimagines history and the concept of nation to nation respect and musical dialogue between the nations of the so-called New World and Old World.  During the beginning of the 17th century,  several Chiefs and esteemed Indigenous leaders journeyed to Europe in the hope of forging alliances. In many cases, they were treated as respected ambassadors. NAGAMO explores the fantastical idea of what might have happened if the sharing of music, and the respect of culture had contrived, and how a different history might have played out.”

Andrew Balfour, curator 

Revolving around Elizabethan choral music by Byrd, Tallis, and Gibbons, NAGAMO also features the unique musical perspective of Balfour’s reimagining of these motets into Cree and Ojibway.  Compositions by Balfour himself explores universal ideas of governance, diplomacy, and culture, as well as the challenges Indigenous peoples face today. 

Nagamo Tesitmonials:

Working with musica intima and Andrew Balfour was an incredibly impactful experience for
me and the Collingwood School choirs. My students learned much about vocal technique,
history, collaboration, different artistic practices, and in particular how art can be part of a
decolonial effort towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. They were awed by hearing
a professional choir for the first time and inspired by getting to sing and work directly with
them. Hearing about Andrew Balfour’s experience as a survivor of the Sixties Scoop, and his
work to reclaim his identity through music was hugely impactful for me and my students. As
a music teacher, I benefited from the workshop by learning new pedagogical strategies for
teaching technique, phrasing and repertoire. We are very grateful for the chance to work with
musica intima and Andrew Balfour and we very much hope to have similar opportunities in
the future!
Luke McAndless-Davis, Choir Teacher, Collingwood Schools, BC

Thank-you SO much for the work you did with us in MB. The concert was fantastic,
and the students are on fire after working with you all. We did our Thursday rehearsal
without any conductor, and the group’s level of commitment to music-making was at
an all time high. I also decided to invite them into the programming for our April 1
concert and so they have chosen what rep we will be singing for that. I think this may
become a pattern for future concerts… Please let musica intima know that this tour
was a lot more than just great and meaningful concerts, but there will actually be a
long-term impact on participating choirs – in decolonizing the rehearsal space (at least
at U of M).
Elroy Friesen, University of Manitoba, MB