Sing Out: Choirs in Contact!

We are so pleased to announce anew project by the Nova Scotia Choral Federation, Sing Out: Choirs in Contact! aims to create space for the numerous community choirs around the province to network, sing and share music with one another. This year, the NSCF is proud to announce that Julia Davids and the Canadian Chamber Choir (CCC) will be joining us to launch this exciting choral weekend experience.

During concert season, it can be difficult to attend the concerts of all your fellow community choirs! Sing Out will allow choirs to perform for each other in a casual and supportive environment while also receiving the opportunity to work with Dr. Julia Davids. Following the closing performance, all participants are invited to an evening performance by the Canadian Chamber Choir at St. Andrew’s United Church.

To read more, and to register now, please visit our brand new  Sing Out! page.