Singing in Canadian Schools COVID-19 Impact Survey

On March 26th, Choral Canada, in partnership with Canadian Music Educators Association, Coalition for Music Education, and Kodály Society of Canada, launched the Singing in Canadian Schools COVID-19 Impact Survey ( to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the teaching of singing in K-12 school music education in Canada from the perspective of music educators.

We know the burden of teaching through a pandemic and advocating for your students is a heavy load to bear. We aim to provide survey results that will help you in your advocacy efforts from here forward. Until then, we need you to complete the survey and encourage others to do the same.

Data speaks. We need a high level of engagement from our Canadian music education community to present clear data in our findings.  The survey should be completed by K-12 school music educators who teach general music using singing, choral ensembles/group singing, or singing related courses. Singing is a core component of the music curriculum across Canada, as well as a tool for instruction and musical expression and discovery. The perspectives of Canadian music educators who use singing as a core component of their music programs are particularly important to capture during this unprecedented time. This survey will help ensure teacher voices are heard and will provide valuable tools for advocacy as music educators look to the future of their programs.

Click HERE ( to complete the survey now. Please complete by Friday, April 9.