The National Choral Census Needs You

IT IS FINALLY TIME! The National Choral Census is kicking off! We are SO excited to have this momentous and important project beginning next month! We have uchoirs-make-censussed the feedback from our choral community across the country to design a census that will give us information they asked for, and to create a true pi
cture of what choral music making looks like in Canada.
Now, the important bit – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS ASAP!

One part of the census is a short phone/email survey designed by our research company Hill Strategies Research Inc. and the Choral Canada Advocacy Committee and we need volunteers to make these calls. We are looking for 4-6 volunteers from each province and territory to call a list of randomly selected numbers in your region of the country, and ask a few simple questions about singing and involvement in choir to the person on the other end. These calls need to take place during a three-week window of November 8-30. You can divide up your time however you would like. Some of the calls will need to be made during the day when schools/businesses are open. Hill Strategies are approximating 6 hours per volunteer.

The first week of November volunteers will be contacted with all the detailed information they will need to know – a training document, a phone/email script, an excel spreadsheet for recording results and a list of people/organizations to contact. This can all be done in their own time, on their own phone, from the comfort of their own home. They just need a phone, and a computer/internet to do the data recording/sending of the information.

If you are interested, please contact me, Heather Fraser at IMMEDIATELY or by October 27th. If you can’t help out yourself, please help us out by forwarding this message to your choirs, friends, other singers, … anyone you think might be willing to help us out! Time is of the essence!

You will be doing a great service to your choral community, at home and across the country! Many heartfelt thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!

Heather Fraser
Artistic Director, Annapolis Valley Honour Choirs
Program Director, Nova Scotia Choral Federation
Member of Advocacy Committee, Choral Canada