VOX: A Choir for Social Change – Composer-in-Residence

We have another evoxpostxciting announcement for our 2016/2017 season on the theme of mental health! We are so thrilled to be working with Cy Giacomin, our first ever Composer-in-Residence! Not only does Cy bring his incredible composing/arranging skills to the VOX team, but he is also passionate about social change- something you know we love! We are so happy to welcome you to the family, Cy! 🙂

“I have always believed that choral music has the power to create meaningful, lasting change in the world. To put my music where my mouth is, I am thrilled to accept the role of Composer-in-Residence at VOX: A Choir for Social Change. I’m equally thrilled that VOX has partnered with the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia, as both organizations have affected me personally. Several works are already in progress, and I look forward to collaborating with individual VOX members on their own works as well.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more details. VOX, I’m excited to find out what we can accomplish together. This will be my first-ever residency, so you will always be home to me.”
Cy Giacomin