NSCF Employment Opportunity – Program Coordinator

Employment Opportunity
Program Coordinator

Now Accepting Applications: Deadline November 5, 2018

Permanent Part time Position Please submit resume and references to tim@nscf.ca For more information call 902-423-4688
Start Date: November, 2018

Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for administrative tasks required for the smooth operation of the Federation’s programs.  The Federation currently present two weekend programs for children and youth, 3 weeklong summer choir camps, an auditioned provincial youth choir, and other projects.  S/he will assist with the program management, presentation and promotion, including tracking registrations; receipting and database maintenance; updating, creation, and distribution of information packages for program participants and program staff, as well as  promotion and evaluation of programs.

• This is a salaried position hired by and responsible to the Executive Director.  It is expected that the Program Coordinator is capable of working with minimal supervision.
• This is a permanent part-time position which requires 14-21 hours per week.  The selected candidate will set regular office hours in consultation with the Executive Director.  It is preferred that the selected candidate be present in the office at least two days per week.
• The position will include sick leave and vacation time commensurate with the Personnel Policies of the Nova Scotia Choral Federation.


Sing Summer Programs – Junior, Youth, Adult and Conducting Choir Camps
Bursary Programs
Nova Scotia Youth choir
Children’s Chorus of Nova Scotia
National Youth Choir
Other Programs and Workshops as developed/required
• Create, maintain, and implement a critical path for all office work associated with NSCF the programs
• Assist the Executive Director in the development of program budgets and work within those budgets
• Seek external funding for programs through grant, donations, and advertising
• Provide required documentation for program expenses and revenue
• Create and implement, in cooperation with the Executive Director, a promotional plan
• Create, in cooperation with the Executive Director, all promotional materials
• Create and maintain database for registration
• Create and/or adapt program information packages
• Create and maintain a database for program staff
• Solicit and contract all program staff in compliance with hiring policy
• Act as artistic liaison with guest clinicians
• Develop and implement staff training procedures
• Ensure the smooth running of programs
• Oversee program evaluation and development in conjunction with program committees
• Coordinate administrative follow-up including thank you letters and archival work
• Assist with music acquisitions for all programs
• Assist to catalogue new music
• Order and/or borrow music for programs within specified budgets
• Prepare music packages for programs – numbered and assigned
• Keep records of music on loan for programs
• Record music returned
• Invoice for lost music
• Assist, in consultation with the Executive Director, with administrative work for other programs


Other Programs and Services
Duties set out are representative of the principle responsibilities of the position and are not to be construed as all-inclusive.

• Receive telephone calls courteously and transfer and/or deal with them as required
• Deal with visitors/customers in a courteous, efficient manner

Library General Operations
• Responsible to assist with smooth operation of the music library
• Asist with/prepare music loans for customers
• Mail out phone orders from out-of-town members
• Maintain and update library database


Minimum Education Requirements
• University undergraduate degree with music, marketing, public administration and/or library training, or equivalent experience
• Experience in education and/or event and programs presentation and development, or equivalent experience

Special Knowledge and Skills Required
• Ability to read music is an asset.  An appreciation of choral music, a willingness to learn and understand technical and practical choral terminology is essential.
• Good writing and communications skills are required.  Ability to work with and develop volunteers is essential.
• Knowledge and experience with computers is required.  A working knowledge of Microsoft Office including database, spreadsheet, word processing, Google apps and scheduling and email software is recommended.  Must be comfortable with web based social media and have a willingness to adapt to that changing environment. A working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite is an asset.