African Nova Scotian Music Association: Face the Music

The African Nova Scotian Music Association (ANSMA) is excited to announce its new stakeholder engagement and music industry data collection project, Face the Music. The goal of this project is to gather and share information that will promote greater and more equitable participation of African Nova Scotian music creators in the Canadian music industry.

ANSMA’s initiative which is titled: Face The Music will focus on research as well as critical conversations with a variety of music industry stakeholders to gather information to help build an understanding of disparities and challenges faced by African Nova Scotians creators. Face The Music is the first ever formal data collection project undertaken by ANSMA to gather information from industry professionals who have first-hand knowledge that can help inform strategies to promote equity, diversity and inclusion of African Nova Scotian music creatives in the Nova Scotia music industry.

If you are or know an African Nova Scotian music creator who would be interested in sharing their experience and perspective on the music industry, please contact Delvina Bernard at: