Annapolis Valley Honour Choir Family Launches New Choir!

The Annapolis Valley Honour Choir (AVHC) is celebrating its 30th anniversary season with the launch of a new treble choir for children in Grades 3-6, starting in September.

The focus of this young ensemble is having fun, building friendships, and introducing singers to all that choral music can be. This new choir, which will rehearse afterschool once a week on Wednesdays, will incorporate singing games, movement, listening and will lay strong foundations for healthy singing. Continuing with the AVHC mission to provide a complete musical education, the music literacy program (theory and sight singing) will be incorporated as well.

The current junior choir will become an intermediate level ensemble for Grades 6 to 9, and the senior choir will be for singers mainly in Grades 9-12.

“This has long been a dream of mine”, says artistic director, Heather Fraser, “to build AVHC into a fully fledged choral organization. After the introduction of the junior choir five years ago, I’m so glad we can continue to grow in this direction. AVHC is so much more than just a choir to our singers. It’s a welcoming community full of artistry, learning, leadership, and heart that honestly changes people lives. I just want to be able to extend this wonderful experience to as many young people as possible!”

Lise Rand, a parent volunteer with the current choir, is ecstatic with this news. “I am beyond thrilled that more young people will be able to access this incredible experience! In our first year, the AVHC has become an amazing part of our lives. I can’t speak more highly of this organization. Not only does AVHC provide an all-encompassing music education, they have created a safe, caring environment that allows the choristers to develop high-level skills, self-discipline, and grow their passion for music. I would highly recommend the AVHC and welcome all families throughout the Annapolis Valley to come sing with us! From camp weekend and weekly rehearsals, to professional concert performances – Your children will LOVE this wonderful experience and the confidence that it brings.”

Recognized nationally, the AVHC is a leader in music education programming in the valley and Nova Scotia. The choirs aim to build skill and artistry in its young singers, while also fostering caring, engaged and community-minded citizens who will share in a life-time love of singing. There are currently 110 singers in the existing two choirs.

Auditions will be taking place for singers in all three choirs from May 27 to June 8 across the Valley. Any students who will be in Grades 3-12 in September 2019 are welcome to attend. Detailed information and registration can be found on the choir’s website