Atlantic Provinces gains its first Harmony, Inc. Singing Judge in six years

Sue-certifies-photo-1Sue Kember, director of Atlantic Barbershop Champions The ScotianAires Chorus, has been certified as a Singing Category Judge with international barbershop organization Harmony, Inc. at its Category Training School held in January 2017 at Greenfield NH.

Harmony, Inc. trains candidates for certification in four categories: Singing, Music, Performance, and Chairman of Judges. In the Atlantic Provinces, which comprise Area 1 in Harmony, Inc., there are currently two Performance Candidates (ScotianAires members Jill Reid and Fatima Whelan) and one Performance Judge (Theresa Weatherbee). Sue’s certification now gives the Atlantic Provinces its first Harmony, Inc. certified Singing Judge in six years.

Sue entered the Harmony, Inc. judging program as an applicant in the singing category in January of 2015. The fact that Sue was able to certify after only two years in the program is a testament to her extensive musical education and talents, coupled with decades of experience teaching, directing, and singing barbershop music.

Sue first joined the ScotianAires in 1994 and sang in a variety of quartets including Sudden Impulse and former Atlantic Champions Cadenza and Exit Four. After serving for many years as Assistant Director in the chorus, Sue took over as Director of the ScotianAires in 2006, leading the chorus to a total of six Atlantic championships.

Retired Harmony, Inc. Singing Judge and past ScotianAires director Shelagh Radcliffe recognized Sue’s potential and encouraged the talented young singer. “Sue was like a sponge from the day she walked in the door at rehearsal for the first time. She attended every possible barbershop class that she could and was constantly peppering me with questions, especially when I had been away to a school of some sort,” Shelagh recalls. “It was that enthusiasm and desire to grow and flourish that made my decision to ask her to be my Assistant Director and then to turn the chorus over to her, the right one. I knew that as she grew and flourished, so would the chorus. Her certification is just one more step in Sue’s progression through barbershop and indeed, through her life. She’s not done yet, I’m certain!”

The ScotianAires honoured Sue and her certification at a recent ceremony to which Shelagh was invited as a special guest. There she presented Sue with a treasured music pin to mark this high point in Sue’s barbershop journey. ScotianAires’ president Linda McMaster remarked, “It is so wonderful that others can see her amazing gifts the same as we do, and now all of Harmony will have the opportunity to benefit from her sharing. Well done, Sue!”
Congratulations to ScotianAires director Sue Kember on this significant achievement in the world of barbershop music!