Audition Virtually for the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir

The Annapolis Valley Honour Choir will be welcoming new choir members for the next school year. Any students in Grades 3-12 during the 2020-21 school year are encouraged to join the choir family.

Auditions for Junior Choir (Grades 3-6), Intermediate Choir (Grades 5-9) and Senior Choir (Grades 8-12) will be taking place online through June. Students can choose to use a live ZOOM audition, or send a pre-recorded video.

With three choirs and over 150 students from throughout the Annapolis Valley, the AVHC is recognized nationally as a leading program for music education. Their online “Virtual Spring Concert” was just a huge success – lifting spirits across the country! Singers are welcomed into a supportive and close knit family, given a safe space to be themselves, build their confidence and find their voices. Fun and engaging vocal instruction, musical literacy and leadership programs together offer a high quality music training and steers the choristers towards musical excellence as well as building thoughtful and community minded citizens.

Find out about the AVHC and their programs, and how to join at