British Columbia Choral Federation: Respect Workshop Series

The BC Choral Federation (BCCF) is proud to announce a series of four interactive webinars this winter centred around cultural diversity, equity, inclusion and respectful engagement in our choral communities.  This exciting series of four interactive webinars features diverse and authoritative presenters who will inspire our choral community to better understand, honour, and respect the voices and cultures they choose to interpret.

In the context of all that is happening in our world, cultural diversity is of utmost importance for our choral community. The Black Lives Matter movement and Indigenous efforts to reclaim traditions, and heal from the legacy of colonialism and residential schools require of our predominantly white choral world to learn and inform our performance practices with compassion, respect and integrity. Our purpose in offering this series of webinars is to create a safe environment where we can challenge ourselves to envision a more diverse, inclusive, just, and equitable choral community: a community where all voices can flourish and all cultures will be honoured, celebrated and respected. These workshops will be of interest to choral singers, Artistic Directors, conductors, composers, arrangers, music educators, church choirs, and boards of directors.

Instruments of Change: Building Respectful, Inclusive and Mindful Choral Communities
with Ryan Cho and Dawn Pemberton

Black Voices Matter: Considerations for Anti-Racist Choral Environments
with Dr. Alexander Lloyd Blake

From Vive la Canadienne to Vigneault: Singing French Canadian Choral Music
with Patricia Abbott

Honouring Indigenous Musics: Conversations around Voice, Place, and Solidarity
with Jonathon Adams and Nadia Chana
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