Call for Support: Arts Funding in Nova Scotia

Home is where the Art Is

The arts and culture sector in NS needs your voice to make sure we are a central part of Nova Scotia’s recovery. Artists and arts organizations have come together to create Home Is Where The Art Is, a campaign for artists and the broad public to positively and respectfully lobby our MLAs to ensure we can rebuild the hardest hit sector and make it stronger than ever. Building together on the work done by  our colleagues at the NS Arts Council and others, we have identified our collective priorities that will make arts and culture survive and thrive in Nova Scotia.

The provincial government is setting its priorities for its 2023 budget now and the need has never been greater to ensure that they include these structural changes in their upcoming budget. We need to positively engage MLAs of all parties now to show them how important this is to the whole province. 

We need your voice: the voices of individual artists and arts organizations, members, volunteers, staff, audiences and supporters.

Sharing your voice could not be easier and the voices of the Arts need to be heard. Use the link to contact your MLA today! Letters are due by February 3, 2023.