Cape Breton Chorale: Audition Call for our 48th Season!

Audition for the Cape Breton Chorale!

The Cape Breton Chorale turns 48 this year! The 2021-2022 season will begin Thursday
September 2, 2021 and continue until April 30, 2022. *

We welcome auditions from singers of any experience level who fit a combination of the
following criteria:

  • Some experience singing vocal harmony, either in choral settings or in productions.
  • Understanding of some basics of vocal technique, or demonstrated vocal confidence in
    your audition performance.
  • Openness to learning different styles of music in an ensemble setting.

Important assets to the Chorale include:

  • Commitment to rehearsal and performance schedules.
  • Willingness to study and learn concert music outside of rehearsal – independently or with
    rehearsal aids.
  • Openness to learning new skills and expanding upon existing skills (vocal, aural, rhythm,
    reading, movement).

For your Cape Breton Chorale audition:

  • We’ll send you a short choral excerpt to learn in advance of the audition.
  • Please bring one short solo piece to sing for us in any comfortable style.
  • An accompanist will be provided, or you may bring your own accompanist.
  • We will work with you in reading a passage of music, and test your aural skills. We’ll also
    check your range with some simple vocal patterns.

Auditions are in Sydney NS, between August 16 and September 1, 2021.
Please contact us to arrange an audition.

Phone: (902) 968 9041

* The Chorale continues to monitor changes in COVID-19 restrictions for singing safely in groups.
If necessary, we provide singing masks to our members, and follow well-researched protocols for
singing with social distancing.