Choral Canada: Respectful Workplaces Workshop

A Message from Choral Canada:

Do you have current policies and codes of conduct in place for your choral organisation to navigate issues of harassment, bullying, and other complex problematic situations? Register for this FREE TRAINING WORKSHOP that discusses these important issues in the context of a choral organisation’s “workplace”, ie. in-person and virtual gatherings of singers (paid, amateur, children/youth, etc.), volunteers, artistic and administrative staff, board of directors, committees, etc. These workshops are not legal or therapy clinics, but are rather conversations facilitated by experienced cultural sector leaders.

About the Workshop:
Choral Canada and the Provincial Choral Organizations are pleased to offer the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts Workshop for the Canadian choral arts sector and community. They are free and open to anyone to attend.
Presented by the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), the goal of the workshop is to provide information and facilitated conversations to encourage better workplace practices and behaviours.

Register today!