Choral Canada: Singing in Schools Survey Preliminary Results!

The preliminary results from the Singing in Canadian Schools: COVID-19 Impact Survey have been released! The Nova Scotia Choral Federation is proud to know that Nova Scotia had the highest response rate across Canada- this highlights how vital singing is to our provincial community and is a testament to the commitment of our teachers.

Within the constraints of COVID-19 health and safety restrictions, school closures, and alternate forms of
education delivery, fewer students are singing in Canadian schools. Singing is embedded in Canadian music
curricula for its value not only as a tool for learning and instruction, but because it is an essential means of self-
expression. Currently, 71% of survey music teacher respondents’ students are unable to engage in music
learning through singing at school. Considering both the constraints and possibilities that may exist moving
forward, we want to look towards solutions that engage students in safe singing practices in Canadian schools,
helping them to receive the myriad of benefits we know accompany group singing.

Looking back on this past year, music education leaders have learned a great deal. When it comes to singing in
schools, we have learned that:

  • 91% of music teacher respondents’ students are no longer able to sing in extra and co-curricular
    programs such as choirs and singing ensembles
  •  Fewer than 30% of music teacher respondents are teaching music from their music classrooms,
    spaces designed for music teaching and learning

This evidence-based study paints an authentic picture of our experiences as Canadian music educators. The
survey sample pool was highly representative, with almost 1000 respondents from across the country. Survey data
are very comprehensive and include both quantitative and qualitative data. These data hold much potential to
guide policy and practice related to singing in schools in the upcoming year, while always keeping students safe
and engaged in a comprehensive music education: one that includes singing.

For more information on the preliminary survey results, click here.

The Nova Scotia Choral Federation asks that our membership takes the time to share this information with their communities and parent groups. School-based singing and choral programs contribute to and help maintain our thriving provincial choral community. Please keep your eyes peeled for more detailed survey results as they are made available.