Congratulations Ryan Henwood!

Choirs for Change is thrilled to announce that Ryan Henwood has been appointed to the new role of Artistic Director!

Ryan has been involved with Choirs for Change since its inception in 2017, first as a singer and later as principal director of Polaris and Spíra choirs. In that time, he has led both choirs through countless rehearsals and concerts, and taught hundreds of arrangements—including original songs like “Pulse” and “Celandine.”

Last year, Ryan completed his Bachelor of Music Education from Memorial University and started work in Halifax as a music teacher.

“In my role as Artistic Director,” Ryan says, “I hope to be able to work with and support my conducting colleagues to provide our audiences with high-level and thought-provoking artistic programming…[and] I want to empower our choristers to feel that our art making is a form of a social change.”

Choirs for Change’s mandate is to have its three choirs—Polaris, Spíra, and Eastern Horizon—support social change movements with innovative choral events. With this in mind, Ryan has previously led the choirs to appear at Nocturne: Art at Night Festival, Mayworks Halifax, and multiple rallies for different causes. Going forward, Ryan plans to promote causes close to home.

“I hope to ground our social change focus on local issues. This may take form through events that focus on issues happening on a municipal or provincial level, but may also look like partnering with other organizations that are already doing amazing work in our community.”

And Ryan’s event planning doesn’t stop with choral music—he plans to collaborate with artists across a variety of mediums. “Choral music is already such a powerful vehicle for storytelling,” he says. Choristers and audiences alike will appreciate the shared talents of “musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists.”

Catch Ryan leading Polaris in concert at the end of November—watch for the concert announcement at