Graphic and Website Designer, Annapolis Valley Honour Choir

Amazing Opportunity!

Request for Proposal (RFP): Graphic and Website Designer to Assist with the Rebranding of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir

AnticipatedTime Period – 5 months

Background: The Annapolis Valley Honour Choir is a charitable, not for profit choral organization based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The Annapolis Valley Honour Choir (AVHC) is a nationally recognized community organization known for its excellence in music education and capacity for community building. It has been a mainstay in the Valley’s cultural fabric for over 30 years. Artistic Director Heather Fraser, former alumni, curates a program for each of our choirs that not only teaches them the fundamentals of music but stretches their minds and fills their hearts at the same time. Currently there are 170 choristers ranging from Grades 3-12 in three choirs, representing communities from the Kempt Shore to Granville Ferry in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

The AVHC’s goal is to provide an accessible, comprehensive, professional quality musical education for youth while providing a unique and powerful means for young people to express themselves both musically and individually. We are focused on nurturing healthy voices, strong musicianship and engaged community volunteers and leaders. The AVHC program offers the chance for choristers to work with professionally trained faculty in weekly rehearsals and workshop settings. It includes a full music literacy (theory/sight-singing) program, chorister apprenticeship leadership program, performances, community engagement, and cultural exchange travel opportunities.

Citizenship, strong community values, volunteerism and a global education are also a large part of the organization’s goals. As a truly inclusive, supportive family, the choir provides a safe space for young people to find their inner voice – to take risks, build confidence and be their true selves. Choir members learn the value and true meaning of teamwork – to feel a collective sense of responsibility, to learn what it means to be committed to something larger than individual accomplishments, and to share in a common vision and work ethic.To build on our success and begin to move the organization into the future, we are currently seeking an experienced Graphic and Website Designer to assist in creating a new, more modern brand that better represents the AVHC of today.

The Position: 

The successful candidate will follow a timeline of approximately 5 months. Primary responsibilities for this position will include: 

Working with the Project Manager, Artistic Director, and Board President, develop a more representative name and logo to be used on all communication materials, choir clothing, websites, etc.

Redesign the AVHC website to make it more modern and intuitive, user-friendly Assist in the development of a suite of marketing materials

The successful respondent (or respondent team) will be selected by the Board of Directors of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir based on the process detailed in this document.

The Board of Directors of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir will make the final selection of the successful respondent (or respondent team) to perform the proposed services.

The Board of Directors of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir reserves the right to cancel any and all solicitations and to accept, or reject, in whole or in part, any and all proposals when it is in the best interest of organization as determined by the organization in its sole discretion.

Proposed Project Timeline:

RFP Submission Deadline – 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 5, 2023
Clarifying Questions to be submitted to the Project Manager via email at by noon on Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Anticipated Start Date – October 23, 2023

Within the proposal the respondent (or respondent team) must describe: 
● Past experience working with similar non-profit organizations
● Overall Experience
● Links to portfolio, including samples of similar work done for other non-profit or arts organizations, if possible
● A summary of your knowledge of the AVHC and a brief description of your vision for our design and marketing strategy
● References – provide contact information for three references – one of which must be a former client.

Submission Detail: Applicant Proposals should be submitted by 11:59 pm, Thursday, October 5, 2023 to as a single pdf with no more than 10 pages