IFCM – Using the Pandemic to Unlock Creativity by Ki Adams

“It is now undeniable that there will be a ‘new normal’ in the post-pandemic choral world. For many, the pre-Covid choral tradition was familiar, comfortable and secure, but, as time may show, it may have been limited in its vision and purpose. The pandemic has provided us an interlude with extraordinary possibilities if we are willing to embrace change and find new ways of and reasons for singing together. This article will highlight several innovations and experiments undertaken by Canadian choirs and composers as, together, they have engaged in creative and imaginative projects which never would have been thought up without Covid-19.”

Ki Adams, IFCM Vice-President

The Nova Scotia Choral Federation would like to extend thanks to Ki Adams, IFCM Vice-President, for his wonderful article highlighting the resiliency of the choral community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most notably, the article highlights the work of local choir, The Aeolian Singers, led by Heather Fraser for their Veritas project. Veritas also featured local conductor and composer, Fran Farrell. In addition, the NSCF Program Coordinator, Ryan Henwood, was also featured for his involvement with The Sonic Timelapse Project. It is so wonderful to see our provincial choral musicians featured on an international scale!

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