#LetThemSing: Singing and Wind Playing in Nova Scotian Schools

On Monday, January 10th, Choral Canada, the Canadian Band Association, the Nova Scotia Band Association, the Nova Scotia Choral Federation, the Nova Scotia Music Education Council, the Kodaly Society of Nova Scotia, and the Kodaly Society of Canada shared a letter advocating for fair and informed decision-making in relation to restrictions on music education. This letter highlights the research and studies that show that, with the appropriate measures, singing and wind playing can be done safely. It is discouraging to see a return of restrictions on singing and wind playing when there has been no reported spread of COVID-19 linked to music education in Canada. Meanwhile, despite the reported spread of COVID-19 during sport, school sports activities have continued with minimal restrictions.

Though this letter has already been shared with a large and comprehensive list of government contacts in Education, Health, and Culture, we ask music educators and our membership to share this letter with school principals, parent support groups, and on your social media platforms.

Here are links to the Singing & Wind Playing letter as both a PDF and three separate PNGs: