Looking for Choirs – National Anthem (bilingual) at a Citizenship Ceremony

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada would like to see if perhaps any of the choirs would be interested in performing the National Anthem (bilingual) at a citizenship ceremony.
The ceremony usually lasts about 1 hour, and the anthem is sung near the end. Choirs would certainly be more than welcome to sing at the beginning of the event as well if they wish.

We usually have a ceremony once a month or so in Halifax, but we do also have hosts outside of the downtown area on occasion. The size of the room we are in depends on the host we are working with.

We do have an upcoming ceremony at Pier 21 on December 12th. It is being held from 10am to 11am, and we would love to see if a choir would be available to perform that day.
There is a chance that media will attend.

I can be reached by email or phone, 902-536-3518/902-402-2268 should you have any questions, please do not hesitate.

Samantha Primerano
Supervisor – Citizenship, Domestic Network
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / Government of Canada
Samantha.Primerano@cic.gc.ca / Tel: 902-536-3518

Superviseur – Citoyenneté, Réseau national
Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada / Gouvernement du Canada
Samantha.Primerano@cic.gc.ca / Tél.: 902-536-3518