Podium 2022 – COVID Statement

As the COVID-19 situation in Canada and around the world continues to evolve, the PODIUM 2022 Committee and the organizing partners reserve the right to modify, postpone or cancel the conference and / or festival at Anytime.

PODIUM 2022 commits to following public health guidelines and protocols. COVID-19 protocols for delegates could include wearing masks, social distancing, regular self-diagnosis and other precautionary measures as needed. delegates may also be required to provide proof of vaccination and / or a recent and negative COVID-19 test result before attending the in person conference and / or festival concerts. Expected guidelines for a safe PODIUM will be communicated via https://www.podium2022.ca once they are established.

Registrations will be open in January 2022 and we strongly recommend potential participants to wait for this moment before planning their trip.