Singing in Canadian Schools: COVID-19 Impact Survey – Final Report and Executive Summary

The final documents for the Singing in Canadian Schools: COVID-19 Impact Survey have been completed and are now available for viewing by the public.

It is once again a critical time for advocacy for our music programs- restrictions are in place that forbid singing and wind instrument playing in schools across our province and others. Highlighted findings from the survey results show the severe negative impact that the pandemic has had on the delivery of music programs across the country:

  • Students were not permitted to sing during regular music classes in 70% of music teachers’ school music programs.
  • Extra-/Co-curricular music programs involving singing were suspended in 91% of respondents’ schools.
  • Teachers were unable to teach 60% of the mandated music learning outcomes in Canadian music curricula due to health restrictions, and they were unable to assess students in relation to 66% of these mandated learning outcomes.

The Nova Scotia Choral Federation, Choral Canada, and the many other supporting organisations of this survey invite our membership to #SpeakUpForSinging by starting the conversation in your community and helping music educators return to doing what they do best! For more information on how you can #SpeakUpForSinging, click here.

To view the Executive Summary of the COVID-19 Impact Survey, click here.

To view the Full Report of the COVID-19 Impact Survey, click here.