Wanted: Choir to Perform @ the Bluenose Marathon






Every year CBC Nova Scotia is one of the sponsors of the Blue Nose Marathon. One of the things that we do is arrange to have some music on the route, as the runners are starting out. The participants tell us it means a lot and is inspiring to have a group singing to send them on their way. We look for a high energy ensemble. The choir would be needed for just a couple of hours at the most. It’s just a 5 k run/walk so it would be to cheer participants on as they head out and as they return. The choir will be mentioned on our Social Media platforms. They will also be part of our weekend wrap-up video. If they wish to have a sign stating who they are, they are welcome to do so. We can provide t-shirts unless they prefer to wear their own uniform/outfits. This is a voluntary performance although we can offer an honorarium of $250.

The event is Saturday, May 20. The run begins at 2pm so the meeting time would be 1.30 pm to be in place.

The location is the corner of South Park and Bell Road (near the Garrison Grounds, across from the old CBC Building)

We would like to have a choir lined up as soon as possible. For more information or to sign up contact:
Kelley Edwards
Senior Communications Officer, CBC Maritimes/Newfoundland and Labrador
6940 Mumford Road
Suite 100
Halifax, NS
B3L 0B7

902 420 4306